Interactive Document
Creation and Assembly

Many organizations need to fill out documents and create document packages dynamically based on data entered by an operator and predefined business rules. The CCM Cloud provides an easy way to streamline document production and eliminate human errors:

  • Create documents and assemble document packages in a controlled manner, by simply filling out a form.
  • Company representatives and customers can fill out documents wherever they are: on PCs, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Built-in review and approval, email distribution and integration with electronic signature providers (Docusign, Ecosign).

Advanced capabilities include data entry validation, conditional content and even online editing of the final document in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) manner. Click the thumbnails below to see some examples of documents being filled-out interactively.

The Features You need

CCM Cloud helps you fill out documents and automate the flow of information