Increasingly competitive business environment? Check. New generations of savvy customers used to taking control and doing things on their own? Check. Many businesses find it difficult to compete with new niche market players, explain the value they provide to their customers and gain their loyalty. This is due to limitations in their current systems, including:

  • Difficulty in allowing customers to consolidate bills for multiple accounts or separate them as they see fit.
  • Lack of interactivity. Customers can't even get an interactive graphical view of charges and past bills.
  • No direct payments right in the bill and/or a billing reminder capability.
  • In many cases the bills don't even look the same in their print and online versions.
  • There is no way to capitalize on the information about the customers and give recommendations in the bill itself.
  • Customers are frustrated by complex bills with no explanations and the only way to get answers is through the call center.

The CCM Cloud provides the solution to all the above points by providing customers with the same document in a true omni-channel fashion, in print and online. The bills are visible in any web browser and can be responsive (adapt to the screen used to view it).

Built-in interactivity allows end-customers to sort, filter and drill-down in their data, pay the due amount or even open support tickets without leaving the context of the e-bill. The configurable Guided Tour makes explaining complex statements a breeze.

Click below to explore our interactive statement examples. You can also visit the Invoicing section for more samples.

Use Cases

The CCM Cloud provides complete capabilities for producing and distributing print and electronic eBills and statements to millions of customers. Click a scenario below to learn more.