Many professionals that deal with the generation and delivery of insurance forms, regardless of if they are life, healthcare or property and casualty, recognize a dizzying array of inadequacies, including:

  • The absence of a central system for managing forms regardless of the use case or delivery method.
  • Inability to use a single form template for multiple purposes: batch production and point of sale, real-time production, etc.
  • Unreliable, limited or simply harder than it needs to be when dealing with more advanced form requirements, such as the ability to add multiple items (beneficiaries, insured property, etc.) to a policy.
  • Slow to migrate to mobile while preserving traditional capabilities (MICR font support for printing checks for example).

Operating a new system like the CCM Cloud or it's on-premise equivalent from Ecrion called EOS allows insurance companies to better explain to customers the value they provide.

Click below to explore various ways to produce insurance documents using the CCM Cloud:

Use Cases

The CCM Cloud provides complete capabilities for generating statements and policies in high volumes and distributing them in both print and electronic formats. Forms can be filled out and policies can be assembled on the fly using a few clicks of the mouse. Click a scenario below to learn more.