Customer Communication Management looks at the process of creating documents from the perspective of the customer. It makes sense for a customer to view your company as a single entity, yet we all know that their interactions with multiple people in a company is not performed in a uniform manner. The lack of consistency in communication throughout the entire customer communication cycle is a major roadblock in having a good relationship with your customers.

Ecrion's CCM Cloud helps enterprises deliver all major forms of high-volume correspondence including letters, contracts, invoices, statements, forms and more in a 100% personalized fashion, while enforcing consistency.

Standardizing Customer communications

Implementing a CCM strategy is an evolutionary process, allowing companies to incrementally migrate communications or implement new ways of connecting with customers in a non-disruptive manner, without the need to rebuild existing architectures.

The platform provides multiple features to help deliver a wide range of communication processes, from solving current challenges like creating and filling out forms, filling out documents, document assembly or high-volume batch document production to advanced customer engagement and customer experience management.

Ecrion’s Next-Gen CCM Platform

Ecrion leads the way in facilitating conversations, but is also the only platform to integrate intelligence directly into the solution. It empowers top executives around the world to focus on acquiring and retaining the most profitable customers. The fresh approach on customer communications helps companies differentiate themselves from the competition in front of their customers, reconnect them with the brand and nurture fruitful relationships.