Many enterprises find out that their current invoicing and billing systems are becoming too difficult to scale with worldwide growth or to adapt to new customer patterns. Working with over 1000 customers for over a decade, Ecrion has been able to determine the following key deficiencies that businesses must overcome: 

  • Manual invoicing and dunning processes are slowing order-to-cash and collection processes
  • Unable to invoice customers in their language of choice
  • Unable to adapt fast enough to changing market conditions
  • High delivery costs
  • High customer churn

By replacing antiquated and/or home-grown systems with the CCM Cloud, our clients are able to enable scalable electronic communications with their customers. Top of the line interactivity features enables enterprises to demonstrate the value delivered by their business to end-customers and build loyalty.

Click below to see an example of an interactive invoice. You can also visit the Billing section for more samples.

Use Cases

The CCM Cloud provides complete capabilities for generating invoices in high volumes and distributing them in both print and electronic formats. Click a scenario below to learn more.